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Neither 60MPH wind, nor sleet, nor snow can stop the Vasque team at the Mt. Washington Observatory

Apr 23, 2013

Last weekend a few members from the Vasque internal team, Vasque reps and retailers had the opportunity to go to the home of the World's Worst Weather, the Mt. Washington Observatory in New Hampshire.The team experienced quite the adventure including 60 mph winds, pelting sleet/snow, a brief clearing the for part of a day and then an beautiful hike down the mountain at the end of our stay.

A Warm Welcome to Mt. Washington Observatory 

The weekend crew and our ride up the mountain (the SnowCat)

At 6288 feet, Mt. Washington is located at the convergence of three major storm tracks and is home to the highest recorded wind gust of 231mph. The Observatory records and disseminates weather information and also serves as a benchmark station for many types of severe weather research and testing. On a daily basis, scientists venture out every hour to manually observe and record the weather, and have done so since it’s founding in 1932.

Snowswept Beauty

As the Official Footwear Provider for the Observatory, Vasque supplies the mountaintop crew with footwear for all conditions, hiking boots in the summer months such as the Breeze 2.0 GTX, and our insulated collection for days like we had while we were up there. From the Snowburban to the Snowblime to the new Fall 2013 boots, the Arrowhead Ultradry and Skadia Ultradry, there is a style and fit for everyone. 

The 400 gram insulated Vasque Snowburban Ultradry

Thank you to the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Observatory for this epic adventure and we look forward to our next trip to the top Mt. Washington.

Feeling on top of the world!

Parting shot from the top




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